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Are you struggling to close leads? ManageMyLeads is the answer.

With ManageMyLeads, you can easily and quickly communicate with your leads, build relationships, and close deals on WhatsApp

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Best in class CRM with Marketing Automation


Save Costs & Manual Efforts
by Using Integrated CRM
& WhatsApp Engagement


1499 + GST per Month (Paid Quarterly)
  • Best in Class CRM and Lead Management
  • Lead Integrations - FB, Insta, Website, IndiaMart, JustDial and more​
  • Get Notified and Manage Leads Via WhatsApp Groups
  • Automated Lead Allocations
  • Streamline lead qualification with automated chatbot interaction.
  • Reminders and Meeting Schedule
  • DIY Chat Bot
  • Campaign Manager & Drip Marketing
  • Multi Agent Live Chat (3 Agents)
  • WhatsApp Business API (WABA)
  • WhatsApp Group Based Support


2499 + GST per Month (Paid Quarterly)
  • Basic+
  • Quotations & GST Invoices
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Subscriptions
  • WhatsApp Commerce
  • Multi Agent Live Chat (3 Agents)
  • Unlimited Tags & Attributes
  • Integrate with Cloud Telephony
  • eCommerce Website


  • Unlimited Users
  • Multi Channels - SMS, RCS, Email and WhatsApp
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Custom Integration with Your System
  • Custom Chatbot

Automate Leads, Manage Tasks, Broadcast Messages and more on WhatsApp.


All in One WhatsApp Based CRM

Complete CRM & Marketing Automation on WhatsApp

Lead Automation

Automate your leads response with our WhatsApp DIY Chatbot for instant lead engagement.

WhatsApp Notification

Get new leads notification directly on your WhatsApp to contact them faster and close the leads ASAP.

WhatsApp Broadcast

Want to send new offer message to all your customers? You can do it with only few clicks using ManageMyLeads

Lead Management

Managing leads in Google Sheet and Excel is not easy. That's why we have created a proper interactive dashboard for you.

Task Management

Forget about various complex task management softwares. Now you can create, manage and get task reminders from your WhatsApp.

DIY Chatbot

Create your own WhatsApp chatbot without any coding knowledge. Simply Google Sheet based chatbot.

What you can do with Manage My Leads?

Sending Bulk Promotions

Get Leads and Create Task CRM

Instant Leads Notifications & Broadcast Messages on WhatsApp

Get instant lead notification on your WhatsApp and assign it your sales team. Send promotional messages on WhatsApp to your existing customers. Integration with almost all lead generating sites like Facebook, Indiamart, Shopify, Google Ads and more.

Get Leads From

Easy Integration


What They Say

If you're looking for a CRM that integrates with WhatsApp, Manage My Lead is the best option out there. The lead automation and notification features are top-notch, and you can close leads instantly - which is a huge time saver. Overall, an excellent choice for businesses that rely heavily on WhatsApp for communication.

Jagan Prabhu

This app is amazing! It has helped me immensely in managing my leads and clients. I get notifications on my WhatsApp about new leads which is super convenient. The best part is that I can close leads instantly with DIY Chatbot, without being available 24x7.

Suman Taneja

Manage My Lead is the perfect solution that will allow you to communicate with your leads through WhatsApp. With Manage My Lead, you can easily automate your lead capture and notification process, and close leads instantly. This makes it super easy to stay in touch with your leads and customers, without having to switch between different applications.

Kamini Murthy

This app is the best WhatsApp-based CRM I have used. It is very user-friendly and has a lot of features that are very helpful, like lead automation, leads notifications, and the ability to close leads instantly with the DIY chatbot. This app has helped me a lot in my business and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good WhatsApp Automation + CRM.

Dinesh Naik
Who can use snap pe?

Businesses That Have Adopted Snap Pe

E-commerce Business

Distributors of Industrial & Commercial Products Businesses


Wholesale Businesses in Consumer Products like Electronics, Textile, etc

Fashion Retailers

Businesses Supplying Fashion Products to Retailers and Whole Sellers


Frequently Ask Questions

What all lead sources does ManageMyLeads get leads from?
ManageMyLeads can get data from most of the lead sources including – IndiaMart, TradeIndia, JustDial, FaceBook, Instagram, Google, Websites, MagicBrics, 99Acres and many more. We also have an API that can be called to push and pull leads from and to ManageMyLeads
Would I be able to build my own ChatBot and respond with images, videos and documents?

We have a very easy to use Chatbot builder that you can manage on your own. Using which you can send multi level messages, send attachments, take inputs from customers about their location, interest areas and much more. All the user inputs can be captured as survey results in the platform

Can I convert my normal or WhatsApp business number into a chatbot?

Yes, we support both official WABA based Chatbot and Automation based Chatbots. The advantage of using an official WABA number is that messages can be sent using buttons, etc. Which is more effective and professional

Can you help in getting the official WABA number for my business?

Yes, we provide end to end service to take FB and WhatsApp approvals as well as apply for Green Tick from WhatsApp

When I do Broadcast messaging on WhatsApp, can the responses from the customers be captured?

Yes, its important to be able to capture responses from the customers for next level of targeted marketing and working the leads funnel. All the known responses are tagged in the CRM and campaigns can be defined and executed against them

Can the leads generated Via lead sources like FB and IndiaMart be sent automated messages?

We have a mechanism to link leads to the DIY Chatbot and defined messages can instantly be sent to the leads as soon as the leads are submitted

Is it possible to allocate leads to my team in a round robin manner?

Yes, you can define lead assignment logic at the lead source and overall level. Based on that the leads are automatically assigned to the staff. They are also notified on WhatsApp abou the lead.

Can I schedule fixed campaigns based on the lead status in the funnel and number of days in the status?

Yes, it’s possible to define a campaign using communication lists and regular messages can be sent based on defined logic.

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